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First 2018 cutout, Lots and lots of bees!

Everything got off to a slow start this Spring and during Memorial day weekend I finally completed a structural removal!

The colony had been in the house for approximately 2 years and was VERY successful. This was by far the largest population of honeybees I'd removed and they had socked away more than 100lbs of honey. The second picture above shows a pretty decent pantry of just honey while the entire cavity seen in the third picture was very packed with honey as well. After about 14 hours of deconstructing, vacuuming, comb cutting and reconstruction all the girls are in their new home.

People often ask me "how often should I check on my bees" and I tell them it's up to them, they'll for the most part do just fine if left to their own. As you can see above these girls did just fine and likely would have continued to thrive for quite some time.

All the honey was fed back to the bees and their new neighbors so they can use it to get started in their new home.

After everything is put back together:

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